MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Gold Shot


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A proprietary Maeng Da 50X liquid kratom extract, MIT 45 is a full spectrum tincture. Unlike traditional rocket fuel, MIT 45 is a virtually odorless and unflavored extract that distinguishes itself from other extracts and enhanced kratom products by virtue of its alkaloid content.

MIT 45 gets its name from the fact that it is infused with a staggering 45% mitragynine, the indole alkaloid that is known for its analgesic and potentially euphoric properties. Clinical studies into mitragynine’s effects and potential benefits are ongoing, but the kratom community has sworn by its analgesic and adrenergic qualities.

MIT 45’s popularity can be ascribed to the volume of mitragynine as it is the driving force behind this particular tincture. Kratomites are especially fond of this alkaloid because it is the chief component for alleviating inflammation and fatigue.

As most anyone will tell you, Maeng Da is one of the strongest kratom powders. When its leaves are enhanced, Maeng Da’s natural mood enhancement and stimulation are heightened substantially. The sales figures behind MIT 45 support its ultra-potent alkaloid profile; stores that stock it are moving a record-shattering number of units on a weekly basis.

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