MYA Original Disposable Hookah Hose


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MYA Disposable Hookah Hose

Disposable hoses are always a popular option for lounges and caterers due to the need for quick turn and sanitary turnaround but in these times, home-smokers like to be able to keep things clean and offer everyone their own hose. MYA has created a nice quality 75" plastic hose that smokes great and looks a little bit nicer than your standard disposable hose typically does. Though these are meant to be disposable, you could definitely run water through them to get more than one use if you so desire.  

MYA Disposable Hose Quality

The clear tubing is flexible and easy to use and to wrap around the hookah stem and it also makes a solid seal around the handle and hose heal.  This means, more smoke and no leaks which will give you fuller, bigger clouds with one of the cheapest hoses on the market. The handles and tips are made of a harder plastic and come in different colors to help add a bit of flair that others on the market are missing. 

**Each hose comes individually packaged.**

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