Nectar Collector w/ Tree Perc, Titanium & Quartz Tip


Length: 10mm
(Approved Users Only)
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High Quality Micro Nectar Collector Kit Micro NC 10mm Honey Straw Kit with Glass Titanium Nails Nectar Pipe Mini Smoking Water Pipe Hookahs

Concentrates Simplified
* The Honey Straw Nectar Collector is the new way to vape concentrates;
* No Dabbers, Domes or Nails needed
* Heat the tip, dip into concentrate in the glass tray that is included.
* Smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take huge hit.

* Convenient, Portable and Spill Proof.


  • Material: Glass
  • Shape: Gift Box
  • Model No: Nectar Collector Kit
  • Color: Clear
  • Joint Size: 10mm&14mm

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