NU Hookah Tobacco 10ct. (100g Packs)


Flavor: Blue Guava
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NU Hookah Tobacco

Nu Tobacco debuted on the market in the United States in 2016. Hookah lovers there and abroad had been longing for a top quality hookah tobacco that could resolve all the annoyances and problems inherent to other brands. 


10 - 100g Flavored Shisha Tobacco Packs 


  • Blue Guava- Ripe summer blueberries mixed with rich and smooth guava. Drizzled with hints, of both tart and tang, indulge your taste buds with the delicious taste of guava.

  • Blue Orange-Two full-bodied flavors brought together for an amazing fusion. The Blue Orange smells as good as it tastes. You will be hooked after the first smell. Sweet berry mixed with orange citrus flavor. Arguably our best flavor addition so far to the long list of NU Tobacco flavors.

  • Blueberry- Indulge your taste buds in an ocean of blueberries. This flavor has been so perfected that it’s like a mouthful of juicy blueberries in every puff. Ripe and sweet berries bursting with tang.

    • Fruit Cocktail- A dazzling blend of zesty pineapple, mouth-watering coconut and tantalizing citrus, this flavor is sure to bring you summer fun all year round. Sweet summer fruits nestled between layers of silky coconut.

    • Grape- Treat your mouth with our robust and smooth grape experience. A flavor so perfected your mouth will thank you. Smoothest grape flavor ever created.

    • Grape Mint- You can’t go wrong with this refreshing blend of grape and mint. Refreshing sweetness wrapped up in a perfect hookah.

    • Grapefruit- A staff favorite that’s been a hit with every hookah fan. A zingy sweetness and taste of bliss.

    • Grapefruit Mint- This special blend gives you the familiarity of ruby red grapefruit, mixed with a subtle and refreshing taste of mint. Take your taste buds on an adventure!


    • Guava- NU Guava has a fruity tropical profile. The Fresh Guava flavor is a well-balanced flavor between sweet and tart. It's full of character and tastes as good as it smells.

    • Gum- Titillate your senses with a flavor profile that’s a complex, yet intense fusion of soft evergreen.


    • Gum Mastic- Smoothest combination of fennel, anise, and soft, sweet hints of licorice and vanilla. Beautifully palate cleansing and aromatic. Precise and clean with a touch of sweetness.


    • Gum Mint- Titillate your senses with a flavor profile that’s a complex, yet intense fusion of soft evergreen with a powerful burst of mint.


    • Kiwi- Ever had an explosive, savory feeling with shisha? Opening the container alone will leave your mouth watering. But just wait until you taste it... Sweet and sour tropical kiwi.

    • Lemon- When life hands you lemons.. it’s time for a delicious lemon hookah! This flavor is like a kiss from the sun! Explosion of lemon in every puff.

    • Lemon Mint-Light and refreshing: a gratifying experience from start to finish. Zesty Lemon with a burst of mint.

    • Mint- Arctic blast of freshness to invigorate your senses. Icy explosion of freshness

    • Orange- This fruity, flavor is so bold and zesty it’s like you’ve been hit in the face with an orange. (’s like your smack dab in the middle of an orange grove; you’ll think you’ve been transported to an orange grove...) Bold, zesty and always refreshing.

    • Orange Mint- This taste experience is refreshingly complex with sweet and tart orange and cooling mint finish. Tasty orange infused with cool mint.

    • Orange Twist- Your favorite orange with a kick of lemon.


    • Pan- Made with age old spices, earthy and aromatic, Pan stands the test of time with its bold and authentic flavor. Our fragrant and decadent classic Pan flavor.

    • Peach- What tastes better than a ripe, juicy peach in summertime? This unbelievable flavor will leave you speechless and wanting for more. Mouth-watering, juicy peaches.

    • Pineapple- Our pineapple flavor, with its unmistakable aroma and exceptional juiciness, balances the tastes of sweet and tart. Vibrant, tropical and fruity pineapple bliss.


    • Raspberry- It's just Raspberry-licious and it's all new! The NU Raspberry is both tart and sweet. If you like sweet and fruity shisha flavors try this one out. It's light and it's perfect for pairing with other flavors.

    • Son of Peach- Ever wondered what it would taste like if the Sun and Georgia had a baby? Sunny, sweet, orange, peachy, yumminess! Sunny orange with a blast of classic southern peach.


    • Strawberry- For all fans of the early summer fruit the NU Strawberry flavor is going to make your day. It's like biting into a juicy ripe strawberry fruit.

    • Sunny Moon- Wind down with this soothing blend of honey, lemon and a hint of fresh mint. A definite staff favorite. A sensual and relaxing blend.

    • Two Apple- What's better than an apple? How about two apples! We've revamped and refined this classic to make your hookah experience, nothing other than, pure perfection. Double the apple - double the taste.


    • Vanilla- For a soft mellow smoke session, the vanilla flavor is also great for blending with many fruity flavors like peach, orange and blueberry to give you a smooth smoke. It's a creamy and rich flavor.

    • Watermelon- So fresh and sweet you’ll think you are sitting next to a watermelon. Sweet, red watermelon that’s guaranteed to please.


    • Watermelon Mint- Satisfyingly sweet watermelon with cooling mint.