Pod Juice Salt E-Liquid


Flavor: Grape Chew Chilled
Nicotine: 55 MG
Size: 30 ML
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Pod Juice Salt E-Liquid

Jewel Mint: is truly a menthol masterpiece. After trying dozens upon dozens of different minty profiles, we came up with our one and only signature fresh mint flavor. The inhale is a super cool frost, while at its exit, the exhale develops into a slightly sweet mint fusion. This flavor is incredibly popular with our menthol smokers and those who simply want that refreshing experience of every mint on Earth combined into one puff. Jewel Mint's minimalist flavoring makes it an excellent additive and mixer with other salt juices in your device. Please be advised that every time you vape this flavor, a polar bear is spontaneously regenerated. 

Jewel Mango: is here to change all of that. Jewel Mango is a smooth, luscious mango flavor-bomb that will have you craving more with each puff. This yummy blend of mango is not overwhelming with sweetness, which makes it impeccable for an all-day vape. On inhale, you are transported to the tropics taking a bite out of the juiciest and ripest of mangos, and on exhale, a soft and smoother version of the same amazingly exotic experience. The consistent perfection throughout the puffing experience makes it the absolute mango salt-nic out there. Simply put, Jewel Mango rules.

Blue Raspberry: The best Blue Raspberry salt-nicotine on the block! This mouth-quenching flavor is intended for all-day vaping. This juice is so good that people have been named their children after this flavor. Just kidding, not really. But this flavor is so tasty, they really should.

Savage Patch: This sour-to-sweet citrus flavor will fill your taste buds with joy and will fulfill all those sweet tooth cravings. Upon inhale, you will enjoy a sour flavor and end off with a sweet lemon rush with each and every exhale.

Strawberry Lemonade: is a sweet and sour combination of strawberries and fresh lemonade. The inhale carries heavy notes of tarty lemon, while the exhale emits a smooth & sweet strawberry profile. This flavor is the perfect blend of citrus and strawberry goodness that will have you longing for summer. This is the e-juice for those looking for a sour & sweet experience. We are not responsible if your adult friends steal this bottle from you for their own usage. We wouldn't blame them either.

Watermelon Blast: is a dynamic ripe watermelon that will tickle your taste buds. Unlike other watermelon flavors, we've created a watermelon profile that wasn't "flat and boring." This flavor includes subtle fruit flavoring tones to create a lasting delicious flavor without compromising on its watermelon goodness. The flavors made in this juice make your vaping experience slightly harsher and more robust for those looking for a little more throat kick. This flavor contains no cantaloupe because cantaloupes aren't what you actually eat at barbecues. 
We were all tempted by that fruity loops cereal with crisp cold milk growing up.

Loops: is a recreation of your favorite frooty flavors that fulfills all your sweet tooth cravings. Loops is one of our best yet, this milk-like concoction will have you craving more with each fruity inhale to a sweet nostalgic exhale. It's so dang good that even our non-dessert vapers are extremely impressed! 

Juicy Apple: is one of our most powerful flavors. As soon as you inhale, a delicious, crisp apple juice flavor will coat your throat. After exhaling, a sweet, cool flavor will escape. This profile is incredibly strong, but the flavor is so good that you will find it pleasant to vape throughout the day. Try the world's best apple salt nicotine today! No hungry caterpillars were harmed during the making of this juice.

Mango Burst: is a mango soft chew that releases the juiciest mango flavor with each and every exhale. The luscious flavor of this tropical chew will fulfill all your fruity cravings. This sweet to sour mango is an all-day vape that will surely reinvigorate the mind and soul with its heavenly mango nectar flavor.

Cotton Burst: will take you back to the nostalgia of fairy-floss and cotton clouds that we’ve come to associate with amusement parks, Ferris wheels, and circuses! Cotton Burst is a twirled blue raspberry and pink vanilla taste blending into an airy and immaculate flavor. This light fluffy confection will give you a fizz of burst in your mouth. Try the best blue and pink cotton salt nicotine that will take you back to the carnival for that soft cotton cloud perfection! No sticky hands either!
They said we couldn't make a good dessert flavor with high nicotine. Well, they were right. Instead, we made the most finely cultivated strawberry dessert.

Strawberry Dream: is the perfect combination of fresh succulent strawberries with the creamiest glass of milk. The final result is a decadent of flavor bursting in your mouth with every indulgent inhale. No hormones or antibiotics were used in the making of this e-juice. Lactose-free!

Pink Burst: is a concoction of the juiciest, mouth-watering pink candy squares. The sweet and extraordinarily tangy strawberry flavor will burst into your mouth with each and every inhale. At Pod Juice, we utilize the smoothest salt nicotine formula for more tasty goodness, at the same time preserving that amazing head rush!

Blue Razz Burst: is a blue raspberry chew that releases a sweet and tangy juicy extract with each and every exhale. This flavor of tangy blue raspberry intensifies as it travels along the palate, then a cool fruity sensation on exhale. This blue razz chew has been swirled with sweet and tangy blue raspberries, presenting an irresistible blend for all your salt nicotine desires!

Peach Burst: Y'all know Georgia Peaches reign as Queen of the Fruit Kingdom. These delicious peach loops will run your sweet teeth wild. Peach Burst will make you salivate upon tasting such a provocative peachy flavor. Peach Burst is a ripe Georgia peach blended as a unique, tangy candy flavor that will leave your tastebuds staggering. Here at Pod Juice, mundane isn't in our vocabulary, we aim to create the best salt nicotine flavors with endless trials and sampling. Peach Burst being one of them!

Melon Breeze: Three's a company with Melon Breeze. By combining three of the most famous fruits in the melon family, Pod Juice has assembled the smoothest and most thirst-quenching vaping experience. This melon trio is an explosive burst of juicy watermelon, fresh honeydew melon, and a hint of cantaloupe. Melon Breeze is perfectly blended for a melon lover’s dream, leaving you blissfully refreshed.

Watermelon Burst: is a soft candy chew that releases a sweet, watermelon juicy extract with each and every exhale. This tangy watermelon is a fruity explosion that will make your mouth water. Watermelon Burst will flood your mouth with a juicy fruit that is wrapped in an explosion of flavor. This soft and chewy watermelon salt nic will have you craving more with every inhale!

Belts Burst: A phenomenal chewy treat that is true to its strawberry flavor. This strawberry e-juice is one of our most exotic concoctions with a formidable, luscious tangy flavor. This sweet strawberry burst will make your face pucker automatically with the added tang in it. This wondrous strawberry chew is a delicious blend of sour to sweet fruit that will overwhelm your tastebuds. No sharing allowed!

Jewel Fuji Nektar: After searching far and wide for the greatest sweet, fruity, and ever so slightly tart fuji apple-nectarine flavor, we finally met an old master who promised to train us in the ways of supreme vaping wisdom. The Pod Juice crew was then taught the delicate balance of the Southern Nectarine style, the sweet power of Northern Fuji-Apple-fu, and after mixing it all with our legendary Smooth Salt Nic-chin, we emerged through the Clouds of Domeness carrying this Jewel of Great Power.

Jewel Tobacco: is a silky tobacco flavor, rich as if it was pulled straight from the earth. It's finally here to satisfy everyone's craving of a robust tobacco hit, with bold hints of rich flavor. Whether you’re a former smoker searching for the silkiest Virginia Tobacco notes to satisfy your cravings - or a vaper looking for a complete oaky tobacco flavor-bomb in your pod system- Jewel Tobacco is what you were looking for all along. Try the best tobacco salt-nic out there today!

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