Pod Mesh Disposable 2500


Flavor: Glacier Fuji Apple
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Pod Mesh Disposable 2500

These Pod salt nic disposables make it easy to enjoy a quick vape anywhere. They’re perfect for experienced vapers seeking something ultra-portable. Plus, they’re also a great choice for anyone who’s trying to quit smoking but isn’t ready to invest in a permanent device. 


Aloe Grape

A perfect blend of aloe vera and grape flavor that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy flavor that leads to a refreshing cool frost sensation on every exhale.

Artic Lush

The watermelon fruity rush is an impeccable flavor from start to finish.

Banana Frost

Enjoy a sweet banana and cool mint for the most perfect fusion of icy banana.

Berry Watermelon

The ultimate fusion of watermelon and mixed berries.


Blue Razz Chew

Flavor of tangy blue raspberry intensifies as it travels along the palate, then a cool fruity sensation on exhale.


Chilled Blue Razz

This blue razz bombshell ravishes your taste buds with a huge hit of blue raspberry nectar and ends off in an icy berry blast!


Cola Slush

Cola Slush is a cool and refreshing vape that reminds you of your favorite nostalgic cola soda. 


Frozen Fuji Apple Tangerine

Enjoy a sweet and tangy tangerine citrus flavor and a hint of Fuji Apple with a refreshing chill in disposable form


Frozen Mango

This perfect fusion of fruit ice is the perfect summer treat citrus treat for when you need to soothe your parched vape taste buds.


Frozen Strawberry Guava

A fantastic tropical mix juicy guava nectar with a hint of luscious strawberries.




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