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Flavor: Simply Mint
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Starbuzz Shisha Bold black

Starbuzz Bold: Shisha tobacco has a wide selection of the best shisha flavors with the most intense flavors.

Delivering a big buzz and thick smoke, the Starbuzz Bold line is one of the best shisha brands on the market.



  • Apple Doppio

In this particular instance Doppio can be taken literally as this flavor is Starbuzz Bold's own interpretation of the classic shisha tobacco flavor, Double Apple. 

You can expect a prominent black licorice flavor mixed with a nice hint of apple.

  • Apple Mist

Starbuzz Bold: Misty Apple shisha tobacco will mesmerize with a misty medley of succulent green apple, complemented with spicy notes for added flavor.

  • Asian Persuasion

Starbuzz Bold: Asian Persuasion shisha tobacco is a floral blend inspired by the southeasterly quarters of Asia.

This amazing blend is a mixture of potpourri and other floral tones, combined with delicious fruity tones to sweeten the pot(pourri).

  • Black Mint

Black Mint is an expertly blended mix of cool mint and sweet black licorice.

While licorice is a very divisive flavor in the world of hookah tobacco, the licorice flavor in Black Mint is very subtle. It does not overpower the taste and with the mint mix it actually adds a very nice sweetness to the overall taste. 

  • Black Peach Mist

This shisha tobacco is unique flavor blend that combines sweet peach and blackberry flavors with cool mint.

  • Brownie

This decadent flavor from Starbuzz provides you with delicious blend of silky smooth chocolate and subtle sweet notes.

This flavor profile smells great out of the can and once it's fired up your neighbor might want to join in on the desert session. The only thing missing from this flavor is a scoop of ice cream.

  • Code Blue

Code Blue: Starbuzz Bold shisha tobacco will appeal to fans of the classic Blue Mist Starbuzz flavor.

Code Blue replaces the blueberry with a creamy, grape soda flavor, and adds a stronger mint flavor.

  • Cosmo Power

Kicking up a grape aroma and some truly massive clouds, this shisha flavor blends elements of floral grape with a nice, sweet lemony cooling effect on the exhale. 

  • Dibs On Ashley

Dibs On Ashley is one those mysterious Starbuzz flavors that provides a roller coaster experience for your taste buds, and leaves you wanting to hop back in line for the next ride.

Double apple experts might be able to pinpoint the undertone of anise, while fans of fruitier profiles get to experience a sweet give and take between grape and mint.

  • French Buzz

French Buzz Starbuzz Bold shisha tobacco lets you put delicious creamcicle flavor (orange and vanilla ice cream) into your hookah bowl.

This is a solid summer flavor to smoke outside on a nice day.

  • Geisha

Serving up smooth berry flavors along with notes of peach, and just a hint of a minty "mist."

Starbuzz Bold: Geisha hookah tobacco will keep you intrigued for a long time.

  • Golden Grape

Golden Grape by Starbuzz Bold is a classic shisha flavor which has been re-imagined for the modern world of hookah.

Golden Grape is definitely the king of grapes. 

  • Grape Freeze

This shisha tobacco flavor is a succulent grape and mint mix which will leave your tastebuds frozen with delight. 

  • Grapefruit Mint

Grapefruit Mint takes the refreshing essence of mint and blends it with the tangy sweetness of grapefruit, making for a shisha flavor that is both exhilarating and flavorful. 

  • Green Savior

This flavor is very unique, and the taste can be a little difficult to pin down.  What we taste is a medley of exotic and tantalizing spices, as well as a layer of floral essence.

  • Irish Kiss

Sweet peach with a kiss of mint, Starbuzz Bold: Irish Kiss is a delightful blend.

  • Irish Peach

Starbuzz Bold: Irish Peach is a sweet peach flavor that has been described as tasting similar to peach bubblegum.

  • Jack The Ripper

Have no fear!

Jack The Ripper is only here to give you a robust grape blend with tingling undertones of spices.

This flavor has enough power to stand on it's own two feet, but be prepared for a surprise when you start mixing it with some of your favorite flavors.

Add a touch of mint or maybe Misty Apple, and thank us later. 

  • Lady In Red

This hookah tobacco combines chocolate and rose flavors, with just a hint of cinnamon. 

  • Margarita Freeze

The taste is pretty much in line with a regular lime margarita mix.

It is sweet but not overpowering; the only thing keeping this from truly tasting like a margarita is a lack of tequila flavor.

  • Mighty Freeze

This shisha is packed with tons of lemon tartness and icy spearmint.

Hints of lemon drop candy meld perfectly with menthol freshness to give you a delicious burst of chilly fruit flavor.

  • Mint Colossus

A blend of mellow mint flavors, this hookah tobacco kicks up some massive clouds with a blend of wintergreen and White Mint taste. 

  • Peach Ice Tea

Just like the title says: Peach Ice Tea is a delicious blend of rich, juicy natural peach, complemented by a sweet ice tea flavor.

  • Peach Mist

Peach Mist is an amazing mix of peach and cool mint.

  • Peach Queen

Offering up a subtle peach cobbler flavor, this hookah tobacco also has some herbal qualities to it, almost like a white peach tea.

  • Pineapple Freeze

With this flavor, you get the sweet, tropical flavor of pineapple with hints of cool, refreshing mint to make it a perfect flavor for a nice summer smoke.

  • Pink Lady

This tobacco is primarily a strawberry flavor, with a hint of mint.

  • Purple Savior

Purple Savior will definitely appeal to fans of grape soda.

This sweet and sparkly hookah tobacco is so grape I'm surprised the clouds aren't purple!

  • Queen Of Sex

This flavor offers up a delicious citrus blend, with a hint of mint.

  • Simply Mango

Featuring a very clean and distinct Mango flavor, Simply Mango is sure to become a favorite of anyone who enjoys good tropical fruit flavored hookah tobacco.

  • Simply Mint

Simply Mint kicks up some nice, no frills, icy mint flavor.

  • Spiced Chai

This new Starbuzz is delicious, it has a very dessert like smell out of the can but delivers a creamy spiced taste.

Initially we though it was cookie dough but the Chai begins to come through as the session warms up.

  • TropiCool

A delicious fruit blend flavor, dominated by pineapple.

Mellower than some of the Starbuzz candy fruit hookah tobacco flavors, it is cool on the exhale, without adding mint flavor.

  • Watermelon Freeze

This will appeal to anyone who is fond of watermelon bubble gum.

Along with a delicious candy watermelon flavor, this hookah tobacco has the added coolness of mint on the finish.

  • White Bear

The writing is on the can for this blend, White Bear will send your session to a tropical destination surrounded by a massive amount of sweet pineapple.

White Bear is almost identical to the gummy candy and as you exhale your taste buds may pick up on a slight citrus note that sends you down memory lane. 

  • White Chai

Get ready for a spicy peach flavor unlike any spicy peach flavor you've ever tasted in the history of spicy peach flavors!

White Chai actually tastes very similar to Starbuzz's White Peach, but with some spicy tea undertones.

  • White Mint

If you are looking for a sweet, icy mint hookah tobacco flavor, one that will leave your mouth feeling more fresh than a trip to the dentist and a pair of new Jordan's, look no further.





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